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Our Shih Tzu

GCH  Tuff  Stuff N Jolisse Special Repeat

" Denny"

My Beautiful boy!!! He came to my life, in days that I was retired from the ring, but with so much presence and beauty, how not to show him! He well deserved it!!! He is a dog to enjoy, just looking at him, so sure of himself, so warm and gentle, so enjoyable to watch, on the ring, as well as at home. He is a wonderful show dog, and a loving companion. I praise the Lord, for this precious gift!!!!

"Grand Champion Bronce Medal "

GCH  Jam Ups N Jolisse Neiman Barkus





My gorgeous red and white Boy!!! Honoring his name: "Neiman Barkus", he for sure knows how to bark! He is Mr. Personality Plus. He likes to do things, his own ways. He truly thinks that he is the handler, and I am supposed to be his show dog.

Lets see how things will turn out at the end. I hope he can put a Tittle on me soon!!!!


CH Jolisse Glory Of the Father At Dialro


Cleo is is the sweetest girl, with a cute little nose, straight beautiful teeth, warm expression, structure and movement to die for.

Jolisse  Movie Star

" Britney"


She is my little princess. A big dog's mind, inside of a small puppy! Beautiful as her daddy (Denny), she has that sparkling beauty, to become the STAR that she will be!!!!

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